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Velodom 30

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The ideal option for beginners: The Velodom 30 is a beginners’ tour for all levels of cyclists with timekeeping and is intended as an introduction to competitive cycling for young and young-at-heart cyclists. The start is located in Bergisch Gladbach, the legendary cobblestone passage leads to Bensberg Castle and the finish will be in Cologne’s Rheinauhafen!




30 k

Elevation gain

140 HM


Bergisch Gladbach



Entry fees

slot 1 – 100
slot 101 – 300
slot 301 – 500

Regulations – Information on the race


These regulations are based on the Bund Deutscher Radfahrer e.V. (BDR) rules.

When registering for the Velodom you acknowledge the regulations of the race.

As a rider you are obliged to get familiar with the regulations and act accordingly.

You cycle for your own account and at your own risk.


Competition rules

The Velodom 30 is open for gran fondo cyclists.

Only riders of an officially registered UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale) team are not entitled to participate.
BDR licence holders are, with the above-mentioned limitations, qualified to start.

The organiser will decide about the participation of riders of other associations with comparable sportive qualification in individual cases.

You do not need to be a member of any cycling club.

When registering you are obliged to have checked your health conditions before, if necessary by consulting a medical practioner. You ensure that you have trained enough and are in sufficient condition for the participation.



We recommend an adequate sports medical examination to all participants prior to the participation.

Helmets are mandatory. The helmet has to be officially approved by an official testing institute and indicate its seal. Riding without helmet leads to disqualification.

There are no special provisions for the kind of apparel, however, they should not become any security risk. You are not allowed to ride without any apparel on the upper body.

The bib numbers handed out by us (e. g. bib numbers for the body, seat post or helmet) are for your identification. Please fix them well visible and in full size at the intended sections – the body numbers in the height of the jersey pockets at the reverse of the jersey.

We kindly ask you to fix the helmet number accordingly at the front of your helmet so that the photo supplier Sportograf can allocate you.

There will be no scorings, nor any ceremonies.


The starting area will be located in Bergisch Gladbach-Heidkamp on Hüttenstraße / Bensberger Straße.

It will be a „rolling start“ with gun time, i. e. chronometry will start for all at 12:30. The participants will enter the course one after another/in groups of 3 supervised by volunteers. Please follow their instructions. In the finish the individual finish time will be captured and calculated by a transponder (attached to the seatpost).

Every participant is obliged to show up at least 15 min prior to the start.


Starting time

(as of 2024, may be subject to change for 2025)

Start in Bergisch Gladbach:

  • 12:30 p.m. Velodom 30


Parking possibilities

Im Startbereich in Bergisch Gladbach-Heidkamp könnt Ihr Euer Auto sonntags, 18. Mai 2025, in der Zeit von 11:00 bis 18:00 Uhr auf dem Parkpalatz der Krüger Group kostenfrei parken.

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It is strictly forbidden that other vehicles than ours will drive on the closed course.

Changing tools and spare parts among participants will be allowed. We highly recommend to take this equipment with you.

Only repair damages when resting on the right part of the street. Do not hinder other riders.

In case you will receive material from our support vehicles or you will change own material to those offered by staff of the support vehicles please return it directly after crossing the finish line at the booth next to the hand-out of the race packets!

We kindly ask you to abstain from potentially dangerous maneuvers prior to the finish line and keep both hands on the handle bars. Please keep to your riding line.

Leave the course and post-finish area quickly to avoid disturbing others. Please follow the signs and instructions from the volunteers on-site.

What to do with your bike after your finish? It then somehow becomes an inconvenient accessory in the refreshment village, at the Bike.EXPO, while watching the live stream etc.!

We have THE solution: supervised bike parking space in the direct post-finish area!

Less jam, higher flexibility, more fun!

Note: This contigency will be highly limited! No booking on race day.

The bike parking area will be open from 12:00 to 5:00 p. m.

Just add it in the online registration process – or book it via the edit link!

The equipment regulations for the Velodom are based on those of the BDR and the UCI. Further, the following regulations of the organiser will apply.

As a participant you will be in charge of the race safety for your bike. Particularly, you have to care for the full functionality of the brakes and other security-relevant components. Participants whose bikes obviously will not fulfill the requirements for the race can be withdrawn from the competition.

The following list of materials and bike types are explicitly not allowed:

  • disc wheels/3-, 4-, 5-spokes at front and/or back
  • triathlon, time trial, bar ends or delta handlebars
  • handlebar accessories of all kind (MTB bar-ends excluded)
  • bike trailers, panniers and other payloads
  • bottles made of glas or other breakable materials and aluminium bottles
  • unicycles, sit and recumbent bikes, multi-lane vehicles
  • trailers of all kind
  • hand cycles (excluded only when having a special scoring for hand cycles)
  • tandems (excluded only when having a special scoring for tandems)
  • e-bikes (excluded only when having a special scoring for e-bikes)
We will list the participants alphabetically. There will be NO ranking.


Your time will be measured with a transponder.

Important: Please follow the instructions of the time keeper for the use of the bib numbers with transponders attached.


Average pace and broom wagon

There will be no average pace. You will just enter the race with the Velodom 120 and 60 cyclists.

The commissaire and the accompanying police squad will be in charge of the control of the average pace. The commissaire further reserves the right to also withdraw participants from the race that ride slower than the required average speed when the traffic situation necessitates it.

If you will not be capable to come up to or keep the required average pace due to damages, bodily complaints or other reasons you have to quit the race and return to the finish at your own risk by considering the highway code or enter the broom wagon.

We will close the course at certain points along the course after the planned average pace for belated passing participants. They will be handed out a flyer with the shortest way back to the starting/finish area by marshals. Withdrawn participants will be marked as DNF (did not finish) and will not appear in any result list.

Please follow the instructions of the broom wagon driver.

Please use the right part of the streets for the entire race.

As a participant do not endanger or harm other road users or participants. You will not be allowed to hinder other participants from passing by or unfolding their full speed.

Pushing someone, pushing someone off or pulling someone for personal or mutual benefit or other annoyances like sudden quitting of the riding line or abrupt stopping during the race or in the post-finish area without any imperative is prohibited and will be sanctioned according to the list below.

You will not be allowed to draft behind, hang on or pull off from motorised vehicles, neither after crashes or damages. Please make room for our vehicles securing the course.

Police and fire service emergency cars with flashing blue light and medical service always have priority. Please let them overtake you.

ATTENTION: Medical service vehicles can enter the course suddenly any time and even drive contrary to the race direction.

For securing the peloton and averting of a danger we will use motorbikes. Please make also room for them.

Throwing away rubbish and empty bottles will not be permitted.

Will you be forced to interrupt or resign from the race due to a damage, bodily complaints etc. you have to raise the arm and indicate others that you have to stop at the roadside.

Emergency supply along the course will be guaranteed for the participants. Please find further information in the race packet.

What to do when you get ill prior to the race or you cannot come due to important reasons?

The Generali entry fee insurance (managed by Europ Assistance) will cover the costs of the entry fee in the case of illness, accident, unemployment, short-time work or extensive damage to your property.

Book the entry fee insurance – depending on the entry fee contingency for just

Velodom 30

  • € 7.50 (1st contingeny)
  • € 9.64 (2nd contingency)
  • € 11.78 (3rd contingency)

– and you may start your training without any stress! :o)


What is to do in the case of an insured event?

As long as you have booked this insurance and you cannot take part in the race please send us an email with the corresponding information. You will then receive a deregistration form from us which you can then submit for your claim via the online tool (in German 🇩🇪 only) when having an IBAN code:

  • copy of your confirmation of registration
  • deregistration form
  • proof of illness, damage etc. (e. g. medical certificate)
  • bank details (IBAN and BIC)

Please read the most important information on the race in the FAQ (as of 2024).

Service package

  • closed, officially measured and UCI approved course
  • professional chronometry: bib numbers with transponder (attached to seat post)
  • high-quality, sustainable race kit with goodies
  • sustainable medal
  • event points and party atmosphere along the course
  • moderation in starting and finish areas as well as along the course
  • year-round customer care
  • year-round communications and information
  • data access and control via edit link

Optional services

  • photo flat with video
  • despatch of race kit (within Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands)
  • merchandise: jersey, bib shorts, jacket, vest, socks etc.
  • entry fee insurance
  • preferred bib number